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530 Truckee, A Different Kind of Homeschooling. 

530 Truckee was born during the pandemic.  Finding things for our kids to do once video school ended and keeping them off computers. 

We started creating crafts, making organic soap, and chapstick.  We stamped each one with our 530 Truckee logo and left them as gifts in friend's and neighbor's mailboxes. They loved the idea and the logo.  From there, 530 grew along with our fans beyond soap and chapstick and into making high-quality tank tops, t-shirts, hats, and totes.  

What 530 Truckee is Today

We are integrating life lessons into daily activities. Our wish is to have 530 Truckee continue to educate our kids and their efforts which involves understanding the ins and outs - the ups and downs of running 530 Truckee as a real business.

There's always something new to learn with 530 Truckee.  Some days we focus on the technical side (taxes, order fulfillment, etc.), while on creative days we learn new and better ways to take/edit photos or dabble into crafts, discovering new and fun ways to expand our business.  Who knows what our next products will be, but what we do know is 530 is the best interactive educational experience we could possibly give.

For more information on how 530 Truckee clothes are made, visit:

Our 530 Family

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